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17.04.2010 In the spring of 2008

...I brought my music and bandmates on a tour through Europe. We played shows everynight and drove everyday. Half way through the tour, we had the pleasure of playing 2 shows in Hoechst, Austria. Some friends took us on an amazing bike ride through the countryside and to the lake. We walked all around this lake learning about the local plant life and animals that lived there. It is such a Beautiful and Peaceful place. It felt like a place where nature and humans were in perfect balance. Neither one hindering the other. We all stood on a dock and watched a swan calmly and gracefully make its way toward us. We all held our breath as to not disturb that perfect moment in time. As the day was ending, we sadly had to leave that perfectly preserved nature retreat, and head back to town for our concert. We were all rejuvenated and full of life and ready for an amazing night of music. Only Places like the Nature Reserve in Hoechst can fill you back up with life that modern technology, industrialization, suburban sprawl, and capitalism tries to take away everyday. I hope this Nature Reserve remains untouched so that all of my friends in Hoechst can continue to enjoy it’s Beauty. I hope to return and do the same. Warmest thoughts and Fondest Memories

Amanda Rogers